Man kills daughter because a voice in his head asked him to sacrifice her to God.

Abraham the father of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, attempted killing his son Isaac for sacrifice, because a voice in his head asked him to.

PEOPLE: Abraham is the father of faith

Jehovah Yahweh killed his only begotten son Jesus, sacrificed him to himself, to appease himself.

PEOPLE: For Jehovah so love the world he sacrificed his only son to save us.

In this picture is John from Benue state Nigeria, he killed his daughter, because a voice in his head asked him to sacrifice her to God.

PEOPLE: John is crazy, John is mentally ill, John is evil.

Me: Jehovah Yahweh, Abraham and Mr John from Benue are all crazy psychopath. They all need help, proper diagnosis and treatment from various mental health issues.

Don’t call John crazy, then rationalise, justify and exonerate Abraham and Jehovah. They’re all mentally ill.

Lord why had thou forsaken me?

I came across this news yesterday about a US man killed by a tribe in the remote island somewhere in India while he was about to take Christianity to them.

Although the news filtering through as at today is trying to deviate the main mission on the US visitor, now they are trying to say he is just an adventurer, as that’s what he said on his social media post 4 years ago.

Now it’s either the the fishermen who took him to the shores close to the island is lying or my dear lovely Christians are trying to cover their brothers missionary journey so it doesn’t look like he was forsaken by Jesus. As the bible said even if you have a little faith like a mustard seed you shall move mountains and trample upon snakes.

Let’s not forget that no one is saying taking religion all over the world would be easy, people before him had died doing what is was trying to do.

But on a second note this is a prove that the early Christians didn’t just come with a book “bible” they also came with rifles and gun powder On that great ship “Jesus of Lübeck”.

Chau had paid 25,000 rupees ($354, £275) to six local fishermen to take him to North Sentinel. Media reports suggested he wanted to introduce the islanders to Christianity.

Andaman is home to five “particularly vulnerable” tribes. They are the Jarawas, North Sentinelese, Great Andamanese, Onge and Shompen. The Jarawas and the North Sentinelese haven’t integrated with the mainstream population yet.

John Allen Chau was shot with bows and arrows as he landed on North Sentinel island, which is forbidden to outsiders, say local fishermen.

According to local officials, the 27-year-old was a Christian missionary.

But on social media and in an interview attributed to him, Chau presented himself as an adventurer.

Now my religious brothers and sisters, what do we do to this uncivilised tribes?

Bomb Jesus and Mohamed into them or just listen to what 1 Thessalonians 4 says

Mind our own business and leave them alone in peace.



I’m sure 90% of Africans, Nigerians and mainly people of Igbo origin who read the headline of this post will be like who the hell are these people?

Yes we wouldn’t know them because we’ve been busy learning about their Mother Theresa and the fraudulent story of Mary Slessor.

On this day 89yrs ago, in the morning of November 18th 1929, a man called Emereuwa upon the directive of his boss Okugo the warrant chief, walked into the compound of a widow called Nwanyereuwa, ordered her for a census of all her livestock and household. The widow Nwanyereuwa knowing the census will determined how much she will be taxed by the British colonial government, embittered, shouted on Emereuwa “was your widowed mother at home counted?” An angry exchange ensued. Nwanyereuwa resentfully rushed down to the town and market square, consulted other disgruntled women, They with palm fronds quickly mobilised other women. And that marked the beginning of one of the greatest resistance, rebellion and uprising the British imperial colonial rule ever faced in Nigeria 🇳🇬 and Africa in general, Called “#The_Aba_Womens_Riot” otherwise known as “#The_women_who_went_to_war”

While the men were subdued, while the man died in the men in the face of oppression and tyranny of colonialism. The women stepped up and in. Record has it that over ten thousand women were involved in this revolt, and about 50 women lost their lives in the war/riot. This resistance was orchestrated by ;

1) Persuasive #Ikonnia

2) Intelligent #Nwannedia

3) Passionate #Nwugo &

4) Wise, Counselling and strategic #Nwanyereuwa these were the women that led the Famous #Aba_Womens_Riot. Women from across Six ethnic groups were involved, the Igbos, Ibibio, Andoni, Ogoni, Bonny and Opobo

Hundreds of British colonial courts were burnt down and destroyed, hundreds of warrant chiefs were ostracised and banished. On the aftermath of the revolt, the British were forced to abandon the proposed plans to impose tax on the market women, powers of the warrant chiefs were considerably curbed and more robust room was created for women’s inclusiveness in the grand scheme of things. The Aba women’s riot was on the scale never seen before. It prompted, encouraged and inspired subsequent agitations like;

1) The Tax protest of 1938

2) The Owerri & Calabar oil mill protest of the 1940s

3) The Onitsha Aba Tax revolt of 1956

Then consequently the Nigeria 🇳🇬 independence in 1960.

But unfortunately sad, when you drive through Aba today, you will see Faulks road, in owerri you will see Wetheral Road and Douglas road all of them are colonial relics. Imo state government house is called Douglas house, named after Harold Morday Douglas, a brutal British colonial district commissioner who orchestrated the Ahiara expedition of 1905 that saw villages wiped out.

Today one deranged governor of Imo State is busy moulding status of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia 🇱🇷 and Jacob Zuma of South Africa 🇿🇦, that has no connection or historical relevance to the people of Imo State. We’ve seen streets, roads, government buildings and and schools named after strangers, monuments raised for people of little or no importance to our history and future. But the real heroes, heroins and legends have been relegated to obscurity, sent to oblivion in a complete sheer and crass negligence.

I hope that one day, the Igbos, Ibibios, Andonis, Ogonis, Opobos and Bonnis will have a leadership that will remember these women, the fifty that lost their lives and all that paid the ultimate price, immortalise them. I hope one day I shall see Nwanyereuwa road, Ikonnia hospital, Nwannedia secondary school and Nwugo shopping plaza. I hope to see us name our children after these legendary women and mothers and tell them the story.

Today 18th November 2018, I remember the women who didn’t only fight against an oppressive British colonial rule, but also had to fight their own men (Warrant chiefs) who chose the side of the Oppressor because of crumbs that fall from the table of masser.

Aba women’s riot, the women who went to war. We remember.

Do prayers work?



Happy Sunday my people, I trust many of you will be in church now performing your every Sunday worship routine.

I understand this topic is one of the most controversial topics out there, and might make some people uncomfortable.
This is my own take and you are by no way obligated to read or change your already existing views and practice. For the it works for me brigade I know it’s hard to accept that it’s your hard work and determination that’s working for you and not you changing any “God’s mind and plans”.

1. Can praying change “external” things, for example the weather?
2. Can it have an “internal” effect on the person who is doing the praying?

Believers can answer yes it does for 2 and point to themselves, but as for point 1 it’s open to a debate.

Prayer, according to Hemant Mehta, “Prayers benefit only those believers who say or hear them. Prayer gives them comfort. It lets them think they have some control over a situation that may be out of their hands. Prayers is normally first resort of people who never bothered to think about how they could actually fix the problem at hand”.

Just today I was speaking with a colleague and I complained that this rain will push me to start looking for a car and drop my bike as the British weather is back.
She said you are a big boy you can afford it, and I laughed and said at the minute I can’t. She the said by the Grace of God you will afford you will, that made me burst in laughter again. Now I have done my calculations on my finances to come to my conclusion that I won’t be able to afford it at this time. I wondered where the grace would come from? 1. I didn’t play any lottery
2. Unless a random person would give me a gift (which I wish would happen tho lol ) only happens in Nigeria.
3. I got no other business am expecting such funds from.

There’s a very real downside to praying, take for instance the problems in the Middle belt of Nigeria, the president instead of acting upon the fundamental principles of governance which is the protection and security of his people asks people to pray.
We cannot solve our problems through prayers, We often see people with good intentions praying for victims in the wake of a tragedy, but prayer is useless without action, and those actions make the prayers irrelevant.

When it comes down to it, prayer is illogical, even in religious terms. If God has a plan, why try to thwart it? If God can be swayed by prayers, what kind of God would allow the horrors we see in the world?
What’s the point of praying if God already knows the future, orchestrates what’s going to happen, and knows what we need?
if you believe that God not only listens to prayers but answers them too, how do you distinguish your own thoughts and feelings from God’s answers?

Happy Sunday. 🖖🏽

Samuel Nwaiwu

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Nollywood, The Enemy Within, Part 1.

Growing up as a child, I had this dream of marrying an Indian woman, I believed then, that Indian women are the most beautiful on earth. I also fantasised about traveling to India 🇮🇳 to acquire some powerful mystic powers to protect me and family from alleged evil men.

Back then in secondary school, after watching Ninja one eye, American Ninja and Five Elements Of Ninja, many of mates took up Ninja and samurai as a guy-name (Nickname).

This is a classic example of cinematic influence, and the Bollywood, the Chinese and Japanese movie industries did an outstanding job in marketing and exporting their cultural heritage and world view. Same as Hollywood, one of America’s greatest propaganda machine, promoter and exporter of American lifestyles, culture, fashion, influence etc.

Back then and till now, I never witnessed a scene where a Christian preacher walks into a Hindu temple battled the priests, defeats them and converts the entire village to Jesus and Christianity. I never saw a scene where a Christian pastor walks into Chinese Buddha shrine or Japanese Shinto temple speaks in tongues, sprinkles holy water, waves his rosary and defeats all their powers, converts the entire village to Christianity.

Then I begin to ask, is the power of this Jesus, the Holy Ghost fire 🔥 and all the anointing so powerless when matched on Krishna and lord shiva the Indian deities? Is it powerless when confronting Buddha and all the other Asian deities?

But Nollywood creates such scenes where the powerless name of Jesus in Asia, becomes so powerful against the African deities. The name of Jesus, the blood of Jesus, Holy Ghost fire and anointing are only powerful on African soil and against African deities.

Due to cinematic influence, a Nigerian can walk into any Chinese, Indian and Japanese Resturants, decorated with shrines, images and sculptures of Krishna, Lord shiva, Buddha, and he feels comfortable, enjoys his meal, but try decorating your Resturant with shrines and images of Shango, Ogun, Ikenga, Amadioha in Nigeria 🇳🇬, you become an evil man, blood ritualist, an occult, a witch and your Resturant might be in danger of a mob action.

We never bothered that samurais and ninjas were assassins and cold blooded murderers used by the emperor to hold his empire together, we still loved them and bear the names as nicknames. But the very sight of a native doctor, voodoo or juju man on the screen of Nollywood sends negative messages to our brains, that’s effect of presentation and representation in movies.

In this battle of cultural supremacy, the Indians and Chinese held their gates. They rejected every aspect of colonial imperialism that sought to tarnish and denigrate their cultural heritage. That’s why they stand tall, head and shoulders with their European Counter parts today. That’s why you will never see any of such demeaning and belittling scenes in their movies.

Religion is nothing but a battle of cultural identity and supremacy. Just like Troy, Africa allowed and welcomed this Trojan Horse 🐎 (Christianity & Islam) And on that, Africa lost, on that Nollywood failed.

Uba Acho

Peace ✌🏿