Labour leaked manifesto, what’s there not to like?

1.Fund the NHS properly and stop it being sold off
2.Make sure there are always safe nurse/patient numbers so people don’t die unnecessarily
3.Pay nurses while they train because we bloody well need nurses
4.Fund education properly and create a National Education Service to match the NHS – free at the point of need for everyone
5.Scrap the university tuition fees that have our kids manacled to debt for thirty years, before they even think about trying to buy a home.
6.Pay people enough to live on – so they don’t need to claim benefits.
7.Don’t send our servicemen and women to be killed abroad unless there’s no other option
8. Pay carers a bit – they save us a fortune
Give all kids free school meals so those with poor parents aren’t humiliated and nobody’s unable to study because they’re too hungry
9. Stop making relatives pay to park when they’re with their sick loved ones – they have enough on their plate
10. Build homes, so we don’t watch our kids live at the mercy of landlords all their lives
11. Pay public sector workers properly – it’s fantastic for the economy and makes us all richer, as well as improving the quality of life for everyone
12. No tax increases if you earn less than £80,000 a year – that’s 95% of us!
13. Make firms that want to profit from government contracts actually pay their bloody taxes on those profits
14. Make big firms pay little firms promptly, so little firms – the vast majority of employers in this country – don’t go bust for lack of cashflow
15. Renationalise public transport – so we don’t all get ripped off for being treated like cattle

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