Nigeria the beautiful nonsense – Ugo udogu

Africans are mentally caged and her leaders are arrogant, they lack leadership qualities and don’t understand how it works. Ojukwu said I quote “Biafra is a child of circumstance…His existence and survival are always a marvel, sometimes bordering on a miracle. His life is a tribute to man, his courage is his endurance, his ingenuity is his humanity” many were against his ideology before 1966 pogrom and biafra war 1967-1970. Fast forward to 2017, majority of youths who indulge in the new agitation never witness the war, so the question is how were they able to carry on with Ojukwu’s ideology. Is very simple, the weak feel more pain than the strong. Majority of igbos believe and share this same ideology, while some don’t, igbos are known for adventurous life, that’s why many lived across the globe. Many igbos who live in a structured democratically entity are against the ideal of self determination which was presented, discussed and accepted as right in Geneva, in first international UN conference in August 2000. Many igbos who live in France know about “Corsica” which her capital is Ajaccio, Spain/Catalan, USSR gave birth to Russia,Armenia,Ukraine ,Czech Slovakia which later spilt to Czech and Slovakia, Yugoslavia which later gave birth to Serbia & Montenegro, today both are independent nations and about 15 more independent states from the USSR, Ethiopia and Eritrea in Africa, and many nations, they enjoy all these pro development and truly/structured democracy but will never support it in Nigeria, with an excuse “Igbos don’t like themselves, which remains a devilish slogan that has existed for years, out of ignorant they forget that before the neo colonialism igbos has begin civilised and democratically inclined, that’s why the Igbo phrase says “gi na chi gi” meaning everyone has his own God which directs him or her and as early as 9 century igbos has an autonomous community which allows everyone to exercise his/her voice,which gave birth to modern day democracy. Self determination is a legal right. Happy Hero day to the fallen heros of Biafra who paid dearly with their lives, y’all won’t be forgotten. #Biafra50.. proudly biafran

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