96,000 Naira minimum wage for Nigerian workers

NLC says “we’ve proposed may not be totally realistic, given the prevailing situation on ground. The N96, 000 we proposed was based on the cost of living index; we didn’t just happen on it. You’re aware that a bag of rice costs around N18,000 -20,000. You’re equally aware of what the cost of a two-bedroom flat is in the suburbs and you equally understand the implication of living in the suburbs, in terms of cost of transportation to and fro your office, for those working in the cities and all that. Transportation alone can take up to N15,000 -20, 000 in a month, whether you fuel your car or go by public transport. Even electricity bills in some of these houses, i.e. two-bedroom flats amount to as much as N10,000 -15,000 in a month. You have not talked of even feeding, school fees. Even in paying rent for a two-bedroom flat, there is no way you won’t pay up to N20, 000 in a month, no matter how magnanimous the landlord is. So, if you calculate these, you can’t be talking of N56, 000. That’s why we opted to use the cost of living index. And we didn’t even factor the fact that the family concerned will take ill and as such may require medical attention at some point. You know inflation is not constant. You can’t predict that rice will continue to be N20, 000. For us at ULC, N96, 000 is a realistic estimation. Normally, if you make a proposal, there would be negotiations. Even if you make a proposal for N20, 000, it would still be negotiated and some may even call for the reduction of the existing minimum wage and come up with their own suggestions. So that’s exactly what we feel.

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