Religious Delusion in Nigeria

Few months ago, all the con men in Nigeria, otherwise known as Pastors, prophets and GO’s, were all mouthy, speaking up, rationalising why their sheeps must pay tithes. They even threaten people with death, courses and wrath of their Bible monster God.

But for the past few days, their tithers, sheeps are being butchered and slaughtered literally like sheeps. Looks like they’ve all gone deaf, bling and dumb. Their God has no wrath again to melt on the perpetrators.

Obviously as Con business men, they were agitated 😡 and terrified when their business and source of income was threatened.

But they can’t be bothered to speak up now, money is more valuable and precious to them than life.

I decided not to make a post for the religionists and sheeps regarding these callous incidents, because I’ve respect for the dead, will rather allow the victims and their families and love ones to mourn and reflect.

Hopefully many of us will start thinking and being reasonable.

You’re on your own, no Jesus Christ or Jehovah can save you. Use your #Aka #Ikenga #Ako #Na #Uche to save yourself.

Uba Acho

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