Nollywood, The Enemy Within, Part 1.

Growing up as a child, I had this dream of marrying an Indian woman, I believed then, that Indian women are the most beautiful on earth. I also fantasised about traveling to India 🇮🇳 to acquire some powerful mystic powers to protect me and family from alleged evil men.

Back then in secondary school, after watching Ninja one eye, American Ninja and Five Elements Of Ninja, many of mates took up Ninja and samurai as a guy-name (Nickname).

This is a classic example of cinematic influence, and the Bollywood, the Chinese and Japanese movie industries did an outstanding job in marketing and exporting their cultural heritage and world view. Same as Hollywood, one of America’s greatest propaganda machine, promoter and exporter of American lifestyles, culture, fashion, influence etc.

Back then and till now, I never witnessed a scene where a Christian preacher walks into a Hindu temple battled the priests, defeats them and converts the entire village to Jesus and Christianity. I never saw a scene where a Christian pastor walks into Chinese Buddha shrine or Japanese Shinto temple speaks in tongues, sprinkles holy water, waves his rosary and defeats all their powers, converts the entire village to Christianity.

Then I begin to ask, is the power of this Jesus, the Holy Ghost fire 🔥 and all the anointing so powerless when matched on Krishna and lord shiva the Indian deities? Is it powerless when confronting Buddha and all the other Asian deities?

But Nollywood creates such scenes where the powerless name of Jesus in Asia, becomes so powerful against the African deities. The name of Jesus, the blood of Jesus, Holy Ghost fire and anointing are only powerful on African soil and against African deities.

Due to cinematic influence, a Nigerian can walk into any Chinese, Indian and Japanese Resturants, decorated with shrines, images and sculptures of Krishna, Lord shiva, Buddha, and he feels comfortable, enjoys his meal, but try decorating your Resturant with shrines and images of Shango, Ogun, Ikenga, Amadioha in Nigeria 🇳🇬, you become an evil man, blood ritualist, an occult, a witch and your Resturant might be in danger of a mob action.

We never bothered that samurais and ninjas were assassins and cold blooded murderers used by the emperor to hold his empire together, we still loved them and bear the names as nicknames. But the very sight of a native doctor, voodoo or juju man on the screen of Nollywood sends negative messages to our brains, that’s effect of presentation and representation in movies.

In this battle of cultural supremacy, the Indians and Chinese held their gates. They rejected every aspect of colonial imperialism that sought to tarnish and denigrate their cultural heritage. That’s why they stand tall, head and shoulders with their European Counter parts today. That’s why you will never see any of such demeaning and belittling scenes in their movies.

Religion is nothing but a battle of cultural identity and supremacy. Just like Troy, Africa allowed and welcomed this Trojan Horse 🐎 (Christianity & Islam) And on that, Africa lost, on that Nollywood failed.

Uba Acho

Peace ✌🏿

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