‪Nigeria election my preferred candidate.‬

3 more days to go before Nigeria decides.

Just got off the phone with my mum few minutes ago, during our conversation I asked her how she was preparing for the election?

My mum said they will just go vote on Saturday then relax and wait for the results.

She asked me who am supporting and I said i would love to see Kingsley Moghalu become President, but am a realist and the way Nigeria is structured, a sugar cane seller would get more votes than Kingsley, so instead of wasting that vote I would go for Atiku instead of Buhari.

My mum said Atiku will sell Nigeria, she prefers Buhari as he (Buhari) had nothing ie assets of his own and is only interested in Nigeria.

She said she benefited from Buhari during his reign as a soldier and my dad got his gratuity after so many years of disappointment from GEJ’s regime.

My response was how did you know Buhari has nothing? Why has he refused to make his asset declaration public as he earlier promised in 2015?

How has anyone benefited from the country being run by a few? I will rather NNPC go public and people can own shares and profit from it than the way it’s structured now with no accountability, not even with mr integrity being in charge, the establishment is still vague.

I reminded her that Buhari’s wife accused him in public as not being in charge of the government as 2 men in his cabinet are really the ones in charge.

I remained her the a friend and a thief is highly likely to be a thief, almost all those people who ruined the country are still in his party and cabinet members.

He is not a natural leader, he cares only for himself hence what is happening in Ogun state,imo state, Rivers state and zamfara state, it’s him first and his party can go to hell.

He endorses every Tom, dick and Harry who shouts Sai baba because they see him as the selling point to get into various offices they are running for.

He is the brand and not the party, he can’t even whip his party members into line. Hate OBJ all you like he is a natural leader this nonsense couldn’t have happened under OBJ.

I told her I care less about Buhari/Atiku’s personalities, I look at their manifestos which few Nigerians do before voting. Hence I preferred Kingsley Moghalu’s plan, but since Kingsley can’t win who has the next best realistic policy? Ofcos Atiku’s/Obi policy comes close 2nd. Now people would say they can’t implement those policies, bla bla bla.

Now that’s my main point, if politicians can’t implement their own policies documents why vote for them again?

GEJ failed and was voted out

Buhari has failed and should be voted out

If Atiku fails he should be voted out out

By the time politicians know that the power now belongs to the people they will start to sit up when they get into office.

My mum and Dad has a reason to vote Buhari, I have my own reasons not to support his bid for a 2nd term.

You reading this what is your reason?

Go out and vote engage in the political process of your country give yourself a voice, your vote is your power.

Let your vote speak for you, let your vote count.

Nigerians let’s send a strong message to the politicians.

By Samuel Chukwuemeka Nwaiwu

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