The US 🇺🇸 government and military launched 112 Tomahawk missiles on Syria 🇸🇾. Each tomahawk missile is estimated to cost $1.4million, you do the maths (I’m terrible at mathematics).

But according to US Office of Public and Intergovernmental Affairs in collaboration with U.S Department of Veterans Affairs. About 40,000 U.S veterans are homeless and 20 veterans commit suicide everyday (

And with the polar vortex freezing temperatures ravaging most part of America recently, there has been unverified reports of homeless people freezing to death.

But hey!, USA 🇺🇸 is about to interfere and invade Venezuela 🇻🇪, for ‘humanitarian purposes’ to liberate them from the hands of ‘brutal dictator’ and to give them the ‘beautiful democracy’, to help the poor and suffering people of Venezuela. Who knows how many tomahawk missiles they’re going to launch this time? (Talk about priorities)

But before you got hoodwinked by the media propaganda. Remember:

They lied about #Iran 🇮🇷

They lied about #Vietnam 🇻🇳

They lied about #Chile 🇨🇱

They lied about #Iraq 🇮🇷

They lied about #Afghanistan 🇦🇫

They lied about #Iraq. Again.

They lied about #Libya 🇱🇾

They lied about #Syria 🇸🇾

One must be special kind of stupid and foolish to believe they’re right or saying the truth about


There they go again, destroy Venezuela 🇻🇪 just like they destroyed Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. Then turn around tag their people dangerous refugees and immigrants.

If you want to understand who created a problem, stop looking at the victims of the problem, and start looking for those who benefit from the problem.

If you think this world is a mess, wait until you wake up. This world stinks 😷.

by Uba Acho

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