Election postponement: who won?

By Amaefula Nnamdi

The Establishment Lost but Nigerians and all Stakeholders are indeed, Affected-

The monumental media attention on this election, across the Federation, not just around the State Capitals but up to the rural areas is legendary.

The Quantum of Local and International Interests on the processes for the election is simply phenomenal.

The number of candidates who have stood up to be voted into the office and the manner in which they galvanized for the election is remarkable.

The number voters and the manner in which most Nigerians have already mobilized for the election across of the Federation is unprecedented.

All of these were huge concerns for the Cabal and by extension the “Establishment”. They were clear red flags on impending defeat not just at the polls but even against all clandestine schemes. They never saw all of these coming, it was a huge blow on the execution of the various schemes. They could only but express their frustrations, even before now.

Nigerians should defile the odds, persevere and remain resolute, no matter how dark the night may get, joy comes in the morning!!!

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