In Nigeria everything goes

By Uba Acho

In Nigeria everything and anything goes. The so called elites know this, they’re not afraid of any backlash for their decisions, because there won’t be any.

Remove the CJN, we make noise on Twitter and Facebook for two days, and follow another trend.

Cancel the presidential & parliamentary elections few hours to the election, the people can only rant behind their keyboards for two hours and life goes on as if nothing happens.

Kill innocent unarmed protesters, majority blame the victims, and see them as fools for daring to exercise their constitutional right of civil disobedience.

Put the students out of school with ASUU strike for months even a year, our parents and even the students are happy attending political campaign rallies of those that put them out of school.

In deed poverty and ignorance have proven to be an effective political tool and control mechanism in the hands of the so called elites. Keep them poor and ignorant and you have successfully created a docile easy to manipulate populace.

And I tell you, the so called elites hate anyone who can or who’s trying to stimulate the consciousness of the poor and ignorant

About 60% of Nigeria population are under the age of 30yrs. We sure can change the situation, we only need to stimulate the consciousness of our sleeping young generation. Yes we can .

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