Africa/Nigeria Education System Needs Urgent Redesigning and Revamping.

These little kids were meant to be in school, learning environment, for academic purposes, not a Sunday school or Sunday service. About 25yrs ago I was in primary school, suffered same abuse and miseducation, opening prayer in the morning and closing prayer before School dismissed. Even as a child, before we know our right from left, the system from family, church and school have already taught us we were born in sin, we are sinners, we will perish and burn in hellfire if we don’t repent and give our lives to Jesus the so called Christ.

After this worship and prayers, they will teach them Mongo Park discovered river Niger and Christopher Columbus discovered America.

When the Europeans, Chinese, Japanese Indians are busy training the next generation of state of the art engineers, scientists, surgeons, next generation tech-experts in their schools.

We are busy training the next generation of prayer warriors, next generation pastors and con men, church builders.

The future looks really bright right?

We are really preparing to compete and challenge at the global stage right?

No surprises church and gospel remains Nigeria’s biggest export to the world.

We need a serious soul searching.

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