Akpu- Luxurious Local cuisine

Who would’ve thought that one day I will consider eating LoiLoi or Utara Akpu a luxury.

I feel privileged to afford to have such life of opulence to be able to eat LoiLoi.

But some where in ala Igbo someone thinks he’s poor for having Utara Akpu LoiLoi to eat. But he’s right when he has pizza 🍕 or burger 🍔 to eat. Chai you don’t know what you have.

My weekend and Sunday is made, just demolished this Utara Akpu, LoiLoi with a hot Oha soup garnished with goat 🐐 , turkey 🦃 meat, Eju/snail 🐌 and assorted fish. I’m well rested and ready for the week ahead.

It’s true, you don’t value what you have until is gone.

Thank you to my Oriaku, my Obidiya and Enyidiya, she made it possible ❤️

By Uba Acho

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