Shame on us Black people

By Uba Acho

Imagine a video surfaced on this cyberspace, where a bunch of white men or Asian men beat up a black lady, stripe her completely naked, spread her legs and stuff hot chilli 🌶pepper inside her vagina, just because she was accused of allegedly stealing a phone.

Just take all the time you want to think about the outrage, the noise and scream of racism! Racism! and they hate us mantra that could’ve caused.

But this time, it wasn’t the white man nor the Asian that did this.

This scenario happened in Nigeria 🇳🇬, some grown ass men, took pleasure in beating an accused woman, that wasn’t enough, they stripped her naked, that wasn’t enough, they spread her legs and stuff her vagina with hot chilli 🌶 pepper, that wasn’t enough, they filmed her, that wasn’t enough, they shared it on social media.

To all those cowards ( they’re not men) and all the people that stood their and watch without doing nothing, to all that helped in sharing that video for fun, I say shame on you.

Black People mostly black women are the most despised, disrespected and molested human in the world. And to watch her suffer such dehumanising humiliation in Africa by black men, was the most painful thing for me to see. The whole world have seen that video, and you still wondering why black people are the most disrespected? Because every now and then we keep showing the world that we do not deserve respect. You don’t demand respect, you earn respect. And things like this never earns respect.

Once again shame on all of you.

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