Festus Keyamo made a mockery of the Law profession.

By Samuel Nwaiwu

Watching Festus Keyamo last night on national TV trying to use semantics to defend illegality made me cringe.

Having served with the British army and still serving we are all taught,

MATT 6: Values and Standards

MATT 7: Operational Law.

I was cringing all through the sessions with seun on channels TV.

How can one blatantly turn the law upside down, and to think that this clown got an award for defending human rights.

Festus made statements like:

Snatching ballot box is treason, it is armed robbery; both are punishable by death. The President is right”

Festus Keyamo, SAN

Keyamo also claimed he was a founding member of the APC which was a complete lie. He criticised this government at some point earlier in the administration until they greased his hands.

How does Festus Keyamo sleep at night?

Festus Keyamo has derailed so badly defending APC to the point that a Dino Melaye is now lecturing him on legal maters and application of reasonable and proportionate force.

I would like to direct Festus Keyamo to sergeant Blackman UK Marine.

Snatching a bag with a heavy blow is armed robbery punishable by death under the robbery and firearm act.

-Festus Keyamo (SAN)

Festus is trying to equate hand to hand combat with firearms. How daft can one be?

All nice and sweet for supporters calling for they the army and police to shoot to kill box snatchers until the bullet hits you or your family members.

While trying to catch a ballot you can easily cancel and reschedule the polling unit.

Keyamo talks as if he doesn’t know that the Nigerian security apparatuses has itching fingers and are all trigger happy.

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