Atiku for jobs

Tweeter user Hon Mohammed Ahmed took to his handle to post,

This is not Abuja or Lagos, This is Adamawa. We don’t have Chicken republic or dominos, So @atiku decided to bless us with chicken cottage. A good business environment, jobs for people and tasty chicken😋. Next time they tell you atiku has done nothing in Adamawa, show them this

If you’re here and angry about Atiku building a restaurant, check his university ASAP. Please try and console yourself.

If they are still angry and can’t control it, this is AUN in Adamawa. He didn’t drop this one in Abuja or Lagos. Over “2000” staff and almost 65% are indigenes of Adamawa. Almost 20% of student who are Adamawa indigenes are on scholarship here. IDC, next time they say he has done nothing in his state, show them this.

We have a lot of big wigs who are indigines of Adamawa and have done a lot for the state. Our problem basically is people trying to change the narrative that atiku has done nothing in the state while he is the highest investor in that state, highest employer of labour and…..

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