Lucky Dube Was Right, It’s a Crazy World


Ladies and Gentle men, this is a feminist art exhibition somewhere in Europe.

Let’s consider few points;

1) Imagine for a second, if the roles reversed with a table filled with model penises, a room full of men watching on, one of which is exposing himself to a handful of young girls? I’m dead sure the cops would not have been called fast enough screaming “paedophilia”!

This is child abuse!

2) If the roles were reversed, there would be an outcry and outrage about child abuse, and “grooming” of young girls to be sexually submissive to men.

This is child abuse in all levels!

3) Isn’t this in essence, adults flashing to children? and pushing sexually charged dialogue? exactly the type of thing that used to be called sexually deviant and used to carry a prison term?

Is engaging with a child sexually, now ok?

Sexualisation of children is not ok, be it heterosexuality or homosexuality, leave the kids out of it. There should be a clear line between adults living according to their beliefs about sexuality and gender, and imposing those beliefs on young children.

Modern Liberalism, contemporary feminism and current Leftists inadvertently are creating a new generation of conservatives, they’ve created a pathway for the new wave of populism and populists rise to power around the world. Is not a coincidence that far right movements are on the surge, rising from the ashes of obscurity.

The look on the faces of the kids tell the story.


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