Living in a glass house

After a hot debate and disagreement with some colleague on a topic on TVC your view about people from other church denomination secretly going to white garment churches through the back door for prayers. Yet they don’t want to associate with white garment churches in public.

I argued there is nothing wrong with going to white garment church as I don’t see the difference with what’s going on in the churches today. people run to men of god for prayers and expect quick answers to their prayers, i believe It’s just prejudice and misconceptions from Nollywood movies and public perception.

I asked a few questions waiting for a reply but unfortunately, I got the usual responds, which was quite disappointing.

  • Have you ever attended a white garment church before? Answer NO but I have heard things about them.
  • Has it occurred to you that the white garment churches have their own doctrine of worship just as your church has theirs? Answer yes but they use RED candles instead of white candles. RED candles are evil that makes them evil. They destroy families and tell people false vision that people are after their life.
  • But Catholics use red candles. No, they don’t they only use white candles.
  • But most churches are guilty of selling visions to their worshippers, including your church. No, my church doesn’t.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, and to think i was talking to graduates who should know better on how to research and  not to generalise, but on a second thought its coming from Christians and friends who has repeatedly refuse to debate discrepancies in their faith and believes in Christianity.

I once made a post saying watching Nollywood reduces one IQ and sense of reasoning to 0 and I made no apology for that statement.

These individuals couldn’t see they were generalising based on hear say and not necessarily backed up by proper research.

These people failed to see that just like them, some people were born into white garment church and never chose to be members.

Even after I showed them evidences of red candles being used in church service, they blatantly chose to ignore my evidence.

Just in case you are among the shallow minded Christian, that believe red candled signifies evil then think again.The catholic church which was on of the first church that propagated Christianity you practice today do use red candles for

  • Transubstantiation: celebration of Eucharist, breaking of bread and drinking of wine in remembrance of Jesus death and resurrection. Catholic theology teaches that through the priest words of consecration, bread and wine are supernaturally and fundamentally changed into the body and blood of Christ.
  • The burning of red candles is said to put one in touch with the power of the flesh.
  • Sanctuary lamp: honour given to the body and blood; red candle is traditionally lit beside the tabernacle to show it contains consecrated elements.
  • Other of candles have symbolic functions, according to st Mary’s Anglican catholic church of Denver, sometimes Catholics lite candles as a reminder that their prayers continue to rise to God even after they leave the church building.
  • Candles also reminds them that Jesus is the light of the church



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