My response to THINK NIGERIANS..

by Samuel chukwuemeka Nwaiwu

Has Religion has become a big problem in Nigeria??

Answer: yes it’s become a very big problem not just in Nigeria but all over Africa.

If a pastor rapes, he shouldn’t be exposed to face the law??

Answer: yes he should be exposed because Rape is a crime and all criminals are prosecuted in a court of law.

No one should talk about it??

Answer: every reasonable person should talk about it as it goes against everything the church stands for.

But if a woman accuses a pastor of rape

Everyone believes her??

Answer it’s not a question of everybody believing her or not, court of public opinion will always pass judgement but only a court of competent jurisdiction can pass judgement rightly or wrongly.

Every one carries placards for protest???

Answer: Not everyone carries/carried a placard in protest. Less than 500 people Out of 170 million people in Nigeria can never qualify as Everyone.

How many people even have time to cross check the story??

Well this is my submission.

Answer: Not everyone have the time to check her story, her family and friends wouldn’t have that time as they trust her. The same way you will trust your sister, daughter, wife and mother if such calamity befalls them.

Your submission is irrelevant to the case if at all it sees the light of day in court, as you are neither a judge nor a jury.

Busola Dakolo said she was raped by Pastor Biodun when she was 16.. No year added..

She was the winner of Idols west Africa in 2007..

She met with her husband Timi Dakolo in the same Coza church in 2008

She claimed her parents had traveled out of town with her siblings, leaving her alone..

She said it was about 7am when Pastor Biodun knocked on her door, she opened the door and the pastor without wasting time pushed her down and raped her, she even said she didn’t struggle due to how the pastor petted her..

My question is..

1..How could her parents traveled out of town with other siblings leaving her alone in a Duplex like she described??

Answer: My Dad worked far away in Lagos while me and my siblings and mum lived in owerri, my mum goes to the shop every Monday to Saturday living us to ourselves.

Not all family has the same model as yours while growing up.

2.. How did Pastor Biodun know her parents had traveled and she was alone, such that he raped her not minding if anyone could come out??

Answer: A groomer studies it’s prey, works his or her way around its victim and their family. Most rape cases are done by close relatives and friends.

3.. How can a man disvirgin a teen without lubricant and she said she didn’t struggle??

Is there a virgin so wet and opened?

She said he raped her the second time in a secluded Bush

Answer: you might have had sex with a virgin who screamed and cry does not mean every girl in the world screamed and cry on their first time having sex, especially if it was not a forceful penetration. Hence i continually ask you to study cases child groomers, most times the victims never knew they where manipulated and raped until a later stage in their life. Timi have never said he was a member of CoZA neither has CoZA claimed he’s was ones a member.

4.. Was the sex in the bush still rape??

Could it be possible to follow a man who raped you alone into a bush??

Where they looking for snails??

Answer: like I pointed out earlier her case has all the signs of grooming, hence she might not have knows.

The report says her parents knew about it and confronted the pastor, but the Pastor begged and blamed it on the devil..

Answer: reports from unverified source can’t stand as facts, as far as am concerned it’s rumours until we hear from their parents.

5.. Is it possible for a parent to ignore a pastor who defiled their daughter??

A man who raped your daughter both at home and the bushes?? Waka ✋

Answer: With the current rate of brain washing going on in religious places in Nigeria? Yes it’s very possible. We all saw how God of men told parents to throw away their babies because the are witches and wizards. This are verifiable cases in calabar. I will look for the link on aljazeera for you.

6.. Could it be possible for the parents to still worship in such congregation until Busola met Dakolo in 2008??

Answer: very very possible.


Does anyone know what Rape is??

Can you all imagine the pains and effects??

Especially a little teenager

Do you all visualize the picture of the victim..

Answer: yes I have worked with a couple of them in line with my job so I know first hand.

But no, she followed him again to the bushes , That’s the lie that can break my spines..

Answer: Grooming…….

Why don’t these raped community women accuse prayer houses prophets.. ??

Why don’t they accuse upcoming churches??

Answer: you haven’t spoken to any Rape activist to find out the number of cases the deal with on a daily bases. I will direct you to AKU a Youtube blogger and a human rights lawyer. Speak to her or any of her colleagues and thank me later.

Why must it be Big churches

Especially when the pastor wears designers and wears good perfumes..

You now remember how you were laid off in the bushes..

Answer: It’s not only big churches, big church make the news because they are big. This only became popular because it involves big celebrities. Ese Walters was a nobody hence her story against the same big pastor was swept under the carpet.

7.. What was Busola’s position or her parent’s in the church that warranted such closeness of the pastor going to the house by 7am..

Answer: you and I don’t know how close he was to the family so that question is left for the pastor to clear the air on.

Note that i don’t support Rape, be it by anyone..

What i hate is lies from the pit of hell..

Cheap lies..

you claim not to support rape but your views and the way you are trying to suppress the issue shows complacency.

I don’t know if there will be any reasonable prove by Busola in future..

But for now

I don’t see any living evidence to prove her right, especially saying the pastor used her in the bush like a bush meat.. 😂

Let’s do away with religious sentiments

Jesus didn’t rape and so his followers should not rape, no one is justified by raping..

But don’t also forget that people lied against Jesus Christ

Infact they killed him..

And even up till today

People still write books of Anti Christ

They accuse Jesus of being Gay in books 😂

Let us never be quick to Judge a man..

Before you take up that placard and match out for protest..





Take this from me, Forget the title Pastor, Reverend, Daddy GO, Konji doesn’t Respect anointing.

Hence you guys warn against indecent dressing. 👍🏾🙏🏾

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