Understand And Respect Nature

By Uba Acho.

Nature do not understand sin and forgiveness. Nature only understands balance & imbalance. Cut down the trees in your community and watch nature pay you visit with erosions, your air polluted and subsequent health issues that follow, and watch as some of your rare breed of animal 🦔 species go extinct.

Distort the balance in nature and it’s only natural that nature come hunting for you.

What Nollywood taught you to be Evil Forests, were actually hectares and acres of land designated by our ancestors to protect and preserve some natural habitats. Some special herbal and medicinal trees 🌳 and plants 🌱 were preserved and protected in such forest reserves. That’s why it’s mostly the native medical doctors #Dibia_Mgborogwu_Na_Mkpa_Akwukwo that Pay visits to such forests.

We cut down our trees for outdated form of electrification for electricity we don’t even have. We cut down our trees for so called community liberation that never came, we still wake up to face same hash realities of life everyday.

Maintain balance in nature, for we are part and parcel of nature.

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