Addressing the The Igbo Crime Culture from Fredrick Nwabufo and the political correctness.

By Emeka Samuel Nwaiwu.

Just as the News broke yesterday on the list of 77 cyber crime suspects wanted for arrest both in America and Nigeria.

The Nigerian social media space was trending as usual with ethnic profiling, ethnic bashing, regional bashing, and religious bashing.

A columnist on Sahara Reporters Fredrick Nwabufo wrote an article titled The Igbo Crime Culture (2)

In one of the paragraphs he said

“Crime has no ethnic face, but does that imply condoning or rationalising a persistent ill?

I have said it before, we have a problem. The Igbo have a problem.”

Yes Fredrick Nwabufo you are right crime has no ethnic face, same way there is nothing like an Igbo crime culture.

It’s like saying Fulani crime culture, Muslim terrorist culture or Yoruba Juju occult crime culture.

There is a general problem in Nigeria where the youth out of its quest for wealth indulge in crime to become rich and celebrated.

But Fredrick and co in trying to sound politically correct decide to see it as an Igbo problem.

Am sure that while Fredrick Nwabufo and co where making their research the skipped other ethnicities and nationals caught and convicted on different crime charges.

I can list some names for Fredrick and co to research on (Zain Qaiser, (Oladimeji Seun Ayelotan, Rasaq Aderoju Raheem and Femi Alexander Mewase (Nigeria), who were extradited from South Africa for Internet fraud schemes, including romance scams, re-shipping scams, fraudulent cheque scams, work-at-home scams as well as bank, financial and credit card account takeovers, are collectively facing hundreds of years in prison after being found guilty in Mississippi.)

(Max Butler (Idaho), known as Iceman and then Max Ray Vision, hacked US government Web sites in 2001 and was sentenced to 18 months in prison. In 2007, after using WiFi to commit attacks, programme malware and steal credit card information, Butler pleaded guilty to wire fraud, stealing millions of credit card numbers and around $86 million in fraudulent purchases. Butler, who is due for release in 2019, was sentenced to 13 years in prison and ordered to pay $27.5 millionin restitution.)

Kevin Mitnick (America), who used social engineering and phone phreaking to get free long-distance calls and access to secret information, was sentenced to a year in prison, followed by three years’ probation, for hacking and stealing $1 million of software. In 1999, he pleaded guilty to wire fraud, possession of unauthorised devices and unauthorised access to a federal computer, and served a total of five years in prison.)

(Michael Calce (Canada), aka MafiaBoy, launched several high-profile denial-of-service attacks against companies like Yahoo, Amazon, Dell, eBay and CNN, reportedly causing losses of approximately $1.2 billion. At only 15 years old at the time of offence, the Montreal Youth Court sentenced him to eight months of ‘open custody’, a year of probation, restrictions on his Internet usage, and a small fine.)

(Matthew Hanley and Connor Allsopp (England) were sentenced to 12 months and eight months respectively for their involvement in the TalkTalk data breach in which they stole banking and sensitive information for over 150 000 customer accounts. The breach is estimated to have cost TalkTalk £77 million, including a record £400 000 fine from the Information Commissioner’s Office.)

(George Garofano (Connecticut) was behind the “Celebgate” phishing scheme in which he admitted to using a phishing scam to break into more than 250 iCloud accounts, including those belonging to Hollywood A-listers. He was sentenced to eight months of imprisonment, followed by three years of supervised release.)

The list are too many to for me to mention on here, kindly visit the above site to view more.

I went on Twitter and I was amazed on how Nigerians were bashing each other trying to make it look like it’s a one region problem, some made it an Igbo problem.

It’s a Nigerian and a world problem, cyber crime unfortunately is one of the problems that come with the digital age.

As for Nigerians I totally agree with this Twitter user:

@cchukudabelu Just like you can’t get the Nigerian Police to stop taking bribes, you can’t stop any Nigerian who has decided to defraud people.

Unless you want to keep venting on social media till you die, you better find something else to do.

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