Xenophobic Attacks in South Africa.

It’s really sad to see the news coming out from South Africa, this is it “Phobia” many seen not to know how deadly phobia can be. Sometimes we keep quite just because it’s not happening to us.

The international media chooses which news is worth highlighting, based on each countries national interest.

We all frown on atrocities when it affects our on interest while we turn the other way when it’s not in our interest.

The South Africa government owe Africa an apology.

Mr President, Nigerians are very angry. This is the time Nigeria need to sure the world it’s giant of Africa, you need to to show reciprocity. The South African deputy minister of police needs to be sacked and bared for life from any African country….. If you don’t do something, Nigerians may resort to self help. Don’t let it get to that. You must act decisively NOW!!

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