A king is as powerful as it’s subjects.

I saw a post of a guy on Twitter talking about what happened in Kano can never happen in Edo state.

No offence to my Edo people but that belief is not true and can only be valid as long as Nigeria/Edo state do not elect a Mad Governor/President.

Kingdom of Benin, also known as the Benin Kingdom, pre-colonial period was a strong and formidable kingdom.
Just like other strong and renowned kingdoms the glory days are gone.
In those days king was the sole ruler and controls many foot soldiers who are ready to die in his defence.
After the collapse of the Kingdom and the amalgamation of every part of what is called Nigeria today. That power no longer lies in the hands of the Oba, when I say power in mean autocratic not (spiritual).
We can argue about the fallacy on potency of spirituality on a battle field but that is a topic for another day.

It doesn’t matter how one becomes an Emir/Oba/Eze hereditary,appointed or selected, as long as they are under the umbrella called the Nigerian constitution and do not enjoy full immunity the Governors/president enjoys then they are as powerless as any other Nigerian.

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