Nigerians needs to decide what they want.

Sometimes it’s good to look at things logically rather than emotionally.

Now let’s now look at this properly.

FG charged Nigerians 297000 Naira approximately £650 for accommodation in a hotel (privately owned).

Why should the Tax payer pay for the rich who could afford to travel abroad on vacation or business But are stranded due to a pandemic.

They are not in a war zone so the government is not mandated to evacuate them based on national interest. All they had to do is self isolate and follow the guidelines those countries had set until the airspace is open.

Rumours had it that many wanted to come back because they are running out of money, as most of them are in a hotel which means they are paying more than they budgeted for.

Let me reiterate due to measures put in by so many governments in the Aviation sector not all airlines are grated permits to fly into every air space. You can’t get direct flight from Naija to many countries without stop overs vice versa.

Is the FG morally right not to evacuate Nigerians from South Africa during the xenophobic attack? No

They were being physically attacked so it is the right thing to do.

Is the FG morally right to ask stranded Nigerians to pay for their flights back and also pay for compulsory accommodation for quarantine? Yes

If they can afford a vacation they can afford hotel cost in Nigeria. They were paying higher while abroad.

People accuse Government of stealing money yet support avenue for government to steal more. If government pay for their travel, money will definitely be stolen.

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