Just So You Know

By Uba Acho

She told me, Uba, only praise, worship and call on that holy name, and watch Jesus feel your soul with his presence and see the Holy Ghost pour his anointing on you. She concluded by saying “I’m a living witness, I have had this personal experience”

Right, My people listen, what happens when a person or group of persons listen to a song or songs is just the stimulation of their limbic system.

Study has it that “music that creates pleasurable emotions lights up the mesolimbic pathway, the reward bit of the brain that gives us happy feelings. When played dissonant music, subjects’ brains surged blood to parts of the paralimbic system associated with various kinds of emotions”

“Most of us also listen to music in order to experience emotions. Perhaps the primary reason for music listening is the power that music has in stirring our emotions. Music has been reported to evoke the full range of human emotion, from sad, nostalgic, and tense, to happy, relaxed, calm, and joyous”

“Research conducted by neuroscientist Valorie Salimpoor found that music releases dopamine, the “feel good hormone” that is activated from pleasurable experiences like food or sex. Listening to music changes your brain chemistry”

So, the reason people cry when they hear good music (I’d say “emotionally charged music) is that they are prepared to show their natural, instinctive, human, emotional reaction to a stimulus.

This is what music does to the human brain attuned to such songs. It has nothing to do with Jehovah Yahweh or any invisible being in the sky. Or any ‘God being’ feeling and filling you up.

We’ve seen fans fainting, crying and throwing their panties at MIchael Jackson, Usher, Justin Bieber, Burna Boy Etc in their music concerts. Psquare’s concert in Yaoundé Cameroon few years ago was almost apocalyptic, women were fainting in excitement, men were going crazy.

If you were in Imo state university (Imsu) around 2005-2007, whenever this guy called ‘Mmuo Nso’ takes the mic to lead in gyration music and songs, all the ‘karied entities’ will be overwhelmed with the anointing of ‘karibility’ (All kegite and karied entities forgive my spelling, i wasn’t karied, just an associate 😂😀😅)

Africans and in other various cultures for centuries have been using music and dance as a therapy to depression, stress relief and creating emotional network, bond and cohesion within the community, because our ancestors understand the power of music to our brains.

The enslaved/slaves in the Americas used it to survive the harsh realities of the plantation.

Is not about worship or praise song, it’s just music, doing what music does. It’s not about Jehovah Yahweh or any spirit that is holy, it’s just our brains naturally reacting to musical emotions.

Cheers 🥂 ✊🏿

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