Nigerian Leaders best at Organising Fornication.

By Osaretin Victor Asemota

We traveled with Nigerian legislators to a conference in South Africa 2001. Minutes after we arrive before we get to Sun City, we stop at Sandton and they have call-forwarded babes. I wish Nigerian men can be as efficient in governance as they are at organizing fornication.

Nigerian men go to extreme lengths and commit great resources to cheat. I asked a guy once and he told me it was the thrill of it and not really the sex. A girl once confided in me that one big Oga just likes to be cuddled and seen with hot girls, he doesn’t even do the sex part.

I mean, people buy yachts and beach houses just for fornication. A whole ass yacht!!! Fornication in Nigeria is an industry on its own. Most hotels survive based on adultery and fornication yet we have religious institutions in every corner. Nigeria is full of vibes.

As a bachelor, I had friends in Lagos who got together to equip a Lekki flat complete with housekeeper and a car just for ”extra-curricular affairs.” They started this as bachelors and I can’t say if they continued as married men. I didn’t. Yes, I fornicated a lot as a bachelor.

@EmekaOkoye saved me with a dare and it turned into a serious relationship. The last one I had in Nigeria. Why did that relationship end? You guessed it. Cheating. The thing is I was not the one who did. She did, with a married dude in my estate. Again, Nigeria is full of vibes.

Nigerian men need more sports. Sex is not a sport even though they think it is. It causes more social problems when resources are diverted to it. Maybe the government should legalize some aspects and have a sex tax. A legislator was caught in a sex shop once. I digress…

Nigerian men are all vibes. I challenge them to commit a portion of their sex allowance to turning our governance around with just 10k Naira a month for two years. The site will be up soon. #Nkali2020

Come and cuddle with the future of Nigeria. ”Action” will be better when you are in a country progressing and is at peace. Look at Rwanda? I bet Rwandan men do much more for their women than Nigerian men. Let this be a challenge to your manhood 😂

This thread was not sponsored by Durex but you get the drift 😂

By Osaretin Victor Asemota @asemota

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