Religious tolerance in Nigeria is a sham.

Arrested for breaching the lockdown rules the busy body Nigerian police swung into action and arrested a man who broke the same rules his Christian and Muslim counterparts broke.

While pastors and Imam got a slap on the wrist, some where ignored while the misinformed citizens on the pandemic quoting conspiracy theories on 5G and Anti-Vax.

Just because he practices a religion different from the Abrahamic religions, everyone is looking away. No one is shouting about freedom of worship being enshrined in the constitution.

The courts are pretending to served justice, while handing him bail they know he cannot meet.

People distroyed his properties which amounts to taking laws into their hands.
At least Wike used a law he created to seek vengeance for his men who were attacked. Yet people cried fowl but are silent because they don’t want this man.

The same strategy they have been using to intimidate traditionalists.

The hypocrisy stinks.

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