Owerri the Sin City

My response to Oluchi Lloyd on her submission about IMO state and owerri girls and women.

You tried to be objective but still got it wrong. If you submit this as a thesis to me I will score you below 50%.

I loved when you said research.
But I don’t think you did a research yourself but rather you used a stereotype, hence you referenced “E choro m ko e choro nwam”

You have to take into account the indices on what is making IMO state what it is today.

Let me use Las Vegas for example. It is known as the “Sin City”, “City of Lights”, “The Gambling Capital of the World”, “The Entertainment Capital of the World”, “Capital of Second Chances”, “The Marriage Capital of the World”, “The Silver City”, “America’s Playground”

Las Vegas is self sufficient as it raises its own tax and money through this list I listed.

Another city is Amsterdam, headquarters or this same Ashawo and recreational drugs like weed.

Now Imo state is a mini Amsterdam and in no distant time could be the Las Vegas of Nigeria.

You girls choose to see it as a negative and many of you are looking at it from the usual Nigerian hypocritical religious angle.

If you take you time and go into owerri, speak to those girls and you will find out that 80% of them might not even be from owerri but neighbours states including the south south states.
It is a known fact that runs girls don’t normally operate in area where the are known or come from.
You are likely to find an owerri runs girl in Lagos and Abuja more that in IMO state.

Owerri has almost everything you can think of youths needs to have a great time.

Hospitality and tourism is a very good means of making money to the state. Unless you want us to adopt Kano hisbah style policing.

Now when you said we need to stop people coming to Imo state and making IMO state look bad, I am not sure how you intended to achieve that. Do we form a hisbah like security as well as ban all hoteliers and recreational lounges?

Again runs in Lagos and Abuja is still booming more than owerri.

We have great women and we are still producing great women who are leaders in their various field.
If not that Rochas messed up the Education system in owerri, how many states could match Federal girls, Owerri girls etc?

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