Military cracks down on IPOB protesters in Nigeria while the world turns a blind eye. What is their crime? Asking for a referendum.

Scotland to ‘phase out’ new petrol and diesel cars by 2032

The Scottish government has pledged to phase out new petrol and diesel cars and vans across Scotland by 2032, eight years ahead of the UK Government target.

Nicola Sturgeon outlined plans to “massively expand” charging points and set up pilot projects to encourage uptake of electric vehicles.

The SNP leader also said there were plans to make the A9 Scotland’s first fully electric-enabled road and that an innovation fund would be set up to encourage climate-change solutions such as charging vehicles in areas with a high concentration of tenements.

Buhari lied against the dead.

IMG_2671Buhari address the nation on a 5 mins speech, where he said late chief Odimegwu ojukwu visited him in Daura.

President Buhari has no shame that he is willing to lie against the dead. Come to think of it why would late chief ojukwu visit Buhari to discuss a national issue in 2003 when Buhari was no where near power or has any influence in national discuss?

And let’s say they did meet in 2003 and if they did agree for a one nation state, did late ojukwu say kill my people if they ever ask for freedom?

Buhari has no shame at all and its a disgrace for an old man to stoop soo low.