Differences in Judaism and Christianity

Is Satan really a “fallen and rebellious angel.” What are the differences – Christianity vs Judaism? Part 1 For centuries, Christians have asked why Jews don’t accept the authenticity of the New Testament. Well for me I still question the authenticity of both Testaments, as both has its flaws and short comings. Judaism believes that […]

The Nigeria revolution, a dream or reality? – Uba Acho

The most Potent Weapon in the Hands Of the Oppressor, is the Mind of the Oppressed. -Steve Biko Here we are, on October 1st. Wearing the national colours with pride and smiles, to celebrate our national dignity. Under a typical British weather, freezing cold, frosty and drizzling, we went to battle with the Romanians, Zimbabweans […]

Two bowling alley staff held hostage by man with sawn-off shotgun

A gunman who stormed a bowling alley in Nuneaton has taken two members of staff hostage, according to the company’s chief executive. Head of MFA Bowl, Mehdi Amshar, said he had been informed the pair were being held at gunpoint at the Nuneaton branch. Mr Amshar suggested the gunman might the boyfriend or husband of […]