Differences in Judaism and Christianity

Is Satan really a “fallen and rebellious angel.”

What are the differences – Christianity vs Judaism? Part 1

For centuries, Christians have asked why Jews don’t accept the authenticity of the New Testament. Well for me I still question the authenticity of both Testaments, as both has its flaws and short comings.

Judaism believes that the Jewish Scriptures, often referred to as the Old Testament,are the inspired word of God. If passages appear to contradict one another, it is our responsibility to delve deeply and uncover a correct understanding. Unfortunately, some Christians believe that the end justifies the means and often use the following New Testament passage to justify their approach. “Only that in every way, whether in pretense or in truth, Christ is proclaimed…” [Philippians 1:18]

Judaism sees Satan is a force, an angel, used by God to test mankind. Furthermore, we can understand the purpose of evil in this world and why the Jewish prophet Isaiah 45:7 states that God, “makes peace and creates evil (רע).” Contrary to Christianity’s viewpoint, which is similar to the one inherent in Greek mythology, Judaism does not regard Satan as a separate force that exists to oppose God.

Isaiah 45:7King James Version (KJV)

I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.

So can we all agree irrespective of your faith that Satan is an emissary sent by God who created him solely for His use in testing mankind.

I wish you guys a Happy New Years as you continue to work harder to better that 2017. Peace be with you 🖖🏽

Religious Delusion in Nigeria

Few months ago, all the con men in Nigeria, otherwise known as Pastors, prophets and GO’s, were all mouthy, speaking up, rationalising why their sheeps must pay tithes. They even threaten people with death, courses and wrath of their Bible monster God.

But for the past few days, their tithers, sheeps are being butchered and slaughtered literally like sheeps. Looks like they’ve all gone deaf, bling and dumb. Their God has no wrath again to melt on the perpetrators.

Obviously as Con business men, they were agitated 😡 and terrified when their business and source of income was threatened.

But they can’t be bothered to speak up now, money is more valuable and precious to them than life.

I decided not to make a post for the religionists and sheeps regarding these callous incidents, because I’ve respect for the dead, will rather allow the victims and their families and love ones to mourn and reflect.

Hopefully many of us will start thinking and being reasonable.

You’re on your own, no Jesus Christ or Jehovah can save you. Use your #Aka #Ikenga #Ako #Na #Uche to save yourself.

Uba Acho

Why did God want to KILL Moses?

Exodus 4:18-31, is one of those passages that many people would just as soon skip over and pretend that it is not really in the Bible. Or, some might try to pretend that the story really does not say what it says. My approach is that if it is there, then we have to deal with it as it stands without trying make it fit within our own modern sensibilities and sensitivities. But I have to admit that this text is a little strange.

Steve Rodeheaver

God sent foundation paid 1.5million Naira for mama’s surgery. Show some love 💕

The Nigeria revolution, a dream or reality? – Uba Acho

The most Potent Weapon in the Hands Of the Oppressor, is the Mind of the Oppressed.

-Steve Biko

Here we are, on October 1st. Wearing the national colours with pride and smiles, to celebrate our national dignity. Under a typical British weather, freezing cold, frosty and drizzling, we went to battle with the Romanians, Zimbabweans and Ghanians. My humble self was doing my best impression of Markelele & Kante in that midfield, did all the dirty work and provided energy to the team, with cramp and injured kneel I soldiered on. We unfortunately couldn’t bring the trophy 🏆home, lost on penalties to the Ghanians at the finals . Ok that’s enough, why this picture and story?

This picture exemplifies the beauty of Nigerian diversity when harnessed effectively. Niger-Delta, Yoruba, Igbo and one northerner, different religions, different backgrounds, class, professions and age. But we didn’t see our differences as weakness rather strength, we stuck together and fought for a common course, many more were at the background cheering us on. That’s the Nigeria 🇳🇬 of my dream.

I have had discussions with many Nigerians, home and in diaspora, men, women, old and young. And 99% of them are of the opinion that Nigeria as we know it now, is not working, has never worked and might probably not work unless something is done. It is no secret that the system in every spectrum and sphere is broken and has failed the people. Anyone who sees otherwise, it’s either in denial or delusional.

We all know what the problem is, we are all sick and tired of hearing what the problem is, we need solutions and what could be done. However, in all my discussions with every calibre of Nigerian about what we can do, three responses always crop up, which has proven to be the bane of the long overdue Nigerian revolution.

1) Bros I no wan die ooh

2) we hope our leaders will wake up one day

3) Only God can save us.

And that’s exactly the thrust of this post and what I hope to address.

Number one, I’m not advocating or preaching for suicide bombings. But I’ve got this message for my fellow Nigerians, we don’t want to die fighting the system? we don’t want make the ultimate sacrifice to kill this system?

Now let me tell you this, not less than a million of us have died this year in road accidents, because of the draconian state of our roads, non existence of adequate road safety measures. Etc.

Millions more of us have died this year of curable diseases in our hospitals, because of ill equipped, lack of life saving facilities, lack of well trained doctors, nurses and technicians. Making our mortuaries busier than hospital wards.

Millions more have died because of saturation of fake drugs in our pharmaceutical markets, I’m a witness, my mum visited me, I took her with all the medication she brought from Nigeria 🇳🇬 to the doctor for a review, out of the 13 different medications, only two was allowed for her to continue using, eleven of them were to be discontinued and binned immediately.

Many more of us will die because of environmental pollution, both air and water etc.

Some more will die because of police and soldier brutality and rascality.

Many will try to escape the system through Libya 🇱🇾, and will be sold to slavery, thousands more will be drown in the midetrinean sea, while running away from the system.

My message to my fellow Nigerian youths is simple, if we do not get angry, rise up and fight this system, because we don’t want to die, this system will technically kill us slowly and softly. And for those who’re lucky enough not to be physically killed by this system. Remember death is not the greatest loss in life, but the greatest loss is what dies inside us while we living. This system has killed dreams, potentials, talents and hope. Many of us are not living, we are just merely existing, that’s why you rarely see an average Nigerian youth, who will constructively outline to you where he wants to see him/herself in 10yrs time, we live our lives on daily bread.

Number two, it is an error in reasoning to expect those who benefit from the system to change the system. My fellow Nigerians, the so-called political elites and leaders and their cronies will not change the system, because it favours them the way it is, they’re the benefactors.

Alex Ekwueme was sick, he was flown abroad and he died there.

Ojukwu was sick, he was flown abroad, he died there.

Stella Obasanjo was sick flown abroad, and she died there.

Former President Yar,ardua was sick, flown abroad and he died there.

Former VP Sambo sprained his ankle, flown abroad for treatment.

Patience Jonathan was sick, flown abroad.

IBB was sick, flown abroad.

President Buhari was sick, he literally lived in abroad to save his life.

I do not see three major tribes and two hundred and fifty ethnic groups as we were taught. I see only two tribes in Nigeria 🇳🇬, the rich tribe and the poor tribe. And until the 99% of the poor tribe realises this, rise up and demand for a review of this social contract. We will be hoping forever for the messiah that never comes.

Number three, it is a historic fact, that no God is coming to save us, no God is coming to do for us what we can do for ourselves. No God is coming to fight and change the system for us. From the English revolution of 1642 that saw the capture and beheading of King Charles 1, the Glorious Revolution Of 1688, To the Haitian revolution of 1791-1804, the Republican revolts Of 1848 in Europe. The French Revolution Of 1789-1799.

The recent history of the Arab uprising/Revolutions Of 2010-2011, that saw the end of regimes and systems in Libya 🇱🇾, Tunisia 🇹🇳, Egypt 🇪🇬, Yemen 🇾🇪. These and many more has proven we got to do it ourselves, got to get angry and confront this system. Because non but ourselves can free ourselves. Many of us are living comfortably in Europe and America, thousands more are sleeping at various embassies hustling for visa, some risking it all frying up at the Sahara desert, some drowning in midetrinean sea just to get a glimpse of Europe. But a generation fought and paid the ultimate price for the system and life they have now, which you are willing to risk it all even death, just to be there.

Like most I’ve discussed with will always tell me. But bros you’re not here with us in Nigeria, why not come down here let’s do it together.

Listen, for me to be talking about it, shows that I care. But I’m not gonna come down to start or join a movement when the primary victims are not yet interested. I’m not gonna come over to join a fight, where I will be asked to bring my wife to show I’m serious. Even when I bring my wife, many will ask me to get my 4yr old daughter at the frontline to prove I’m genuine. I’m not gonna come over to fight with people who will abandone me to face the music alone when the push comes to shove. Thousands in diaspora are willing to join the fight, if the ones on ground can only show some courage.

My message to fellow ordinary Nigerians is simple. Let’s kill this system or this system will kill us slowly and softly. This system will continue to kill dreams, potentials, talents and ambitions.

Let’s die a little before the African unity

-Benbella Of Algeria 🇩🇿

Maybe we may need to die a little before the Nigeria of our dreams will be realised.

Thank you