Meet an Igbo Man


Meet Chinedu Echerou, an Igbo man, born in Nigeria, schooled in Nigeria and Harvard. He invented for 300US cities to find direction in Subway stations.

Apple bought his company for $1bn.

Chinedu has since returned to Nigeria to invest in Agriculture and African Food company.

Ndi Igbo are a great people, and like every great people, you find the Great, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

All those using their brain, intellect, hard and smart work to make black race, Africa, Nigeria and Ndi Igbo proud, Ofo ndu na Ofo Aku na Uba kam na agoro unu, na Eke, Orie, Afo and Nkwo ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

UK power cut: National Grid promises to learn lessons from

I have always wondered what it’s going to be like if there is a power failure in the UK. I woke up this morning to News of power failure in some parts of the UK.

It’s amazing how does part affected was on a stand still for some hours. I could imagine the panic,confusion and embarrassments.

National Grid has said it will “learn the lessons” after nearly one million people across England and Wales lost power on Friday.

The director of operations Duncan Burt told the press that its systems “worked well” after the “incredibly rare event” of two power stations disconnecting.

He said he did not believe that a cyber-attack or unpredictable wind power generation were to blame.

Regulator Ofgem said it could take enforcement action, including a fine, after train passengers were stranded, traffic lights failed to work and thousands of homes were plunged into darkness during the blackout.

The power outage happened at about 17:00 BST on Friday, National Grid said, with blackouts across the Midlands, the South East, South West, North West and north east of England, and Wales.

Industry experts said that a gas-fired power station at Little Barford, Bedfordshire, failed at 16.58, followed two minutes later by the Hornsea offshore wind farm disconnecting from the grid,power was restored by 18:30 BST.

This is the type of news our African/Nigerian leaders will refer us to anytime we cry about steady electricity supply.

You will hear people like Femi Adeshina say even in the UK there are power outage, you people will always complain.

Wailing wailers. 😂

Nigeriologists The Bane Of our Development

By Uba Acho

In 1999 the Nigerian military under Obasanjo/Atiku regime wiped off the entire village of Odi in Bayelsa state or reduced to state if nothingness. You said nothing and did nothing. Rather you tag them these Niger deltans, deal with them, they’re militants.

In 2016 the Nigeria military and police, shot and killed protesting IPOB members, some were buried in an unknown mass grave. You said nothing and did nothing. Rather called them miscreants, low lives, constituting nuisance, they should be crushed.

In 2018 the Nigerian military shot and killed hundreds of Shiite Muslims. You said nothing and did nothing. You tagged dangerous breed of Muslims, how dare they block the passing route of almighty Brutai, smoke them out.

Today in Lagos the Nigerian military and police are tear gassing and shooting at the #Revolution_Now protesters. You said nothing and doing nothing. Rather you’re taunting them, making jest and fun of them for daring.

We watched as they arrested and hanged Ken Saro-Wiwa.

We watched as they arrested, incarcerated and attempted killing Nnamdi Kanu.

We watched as they’ve just abducted Omoyele Sowore, now in incarceration. One day they will come for you or me, and we will have no one to speak or march for us.

Millions have become emergency experts on Nigeriology, armchair and social media experts on the best way to do it, the best way to get Nigeria and the system working. They know everything wrong with Nnamdi Kanu and his method, they know everything wrong with Swore and his strategy. But all they ever have to offer is theory, another theory and more and more theories from the comfort of the computers and homes, but can never raise a finger or move or muscle.

Anyone doing anything that doesn’t involve loss of lives to challenge and distort the status quo in Nigeria, to irritate the bourgeoisie political class to stimulate the sociopolitical and socioeconomic consciousness of the people will always have my support. I supported Nnamdi Kanu and his movement #IPOB, I’m supporting Omoyele Sowore and his #Revolution_Now movement.

In this struggle to get Nigeria and Africa working for the betterment of us all. If I’m not one of the players on the pitch facing the hard tackles and knocks, be sure I will be that ardent fan and supporter at the stands cheering the players on, for we are on same team.

Which side are you?

El-Zakzaki granted bail again by the court.

So after the Noise making that led to the unnecessary death of a young journalist, police DCP, and uncountable numbers of Shiites. EL-Zakzaky is still granted bail one more time.

While i was stating the obvious, some people accuse me of liking to argue and supporting a Muslim sect above the other.

You know what? The law is the law, it doesn’t not care about your emotions or sentiments black is alway black and white is always white no matter how you look at it.

Am I optimistic the government will release him on bail this time around? No

In fact I will be shocked if Buhari release this man. We all know it’s a religious war that Buhari is fighting and nothing to do with the National interest.

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Should I give up my citizenship?

By Chukwuemeka Samuel Nwaiwu.

Should I give up one of my passport just for the love of country?

While Nigerians celebrates one of its own been made a junior minister Kemi Badenoch born in Wimbledon, UK, she was raised in Lagos Nigeria Before moving back to the UK at the age of 16.

Toni Chike Iwobi (born 26 April 1955), better known as Tony Iwobi, is an Italian politician for who was elected to the Lega Nord. Toni was elected to the Italian Senate in the 2018 general election.

Godson Chikama Onyekwere was born in Nigeria to an Igbo family from Umuahia, Abia State. He moved to Poland in 1993, and in 2001 became a Polish citizen. In 2008, he became a member of the Łódź City Council. In 2007, he unsuccessfully ran in the Polish parliamentary election. In 2010, he was re-elected for the City Council with 4736 votes, the second best result out of almost 800 candidates.

Ezeajughi, a native of Anambra State, Nigeria, was elected mayor on April 16, 2019, by the College of Councillors on Brent, London.

Meanwhile in Nigeria, The Ondo State Election Petitions Tribunal has nullified the election of a member of the House of Representatives, Ikengboju Gboluga.

section 66(1) of the 1999 Constitution.

The section states that, “No person shall be qualified for election to the Senate or the House of Representatives if: (a) subject to the provisions of section 28 of this Constitution, he has voluntarily acquired the citizenship of a country other than Nigeria or, except in such cases as may be prescribed by the National Assembly, has made a declaration of allegiance to such a country.”

While the world is becoming a global village Nigeria is yet to tap into the trend of opening up its political space.

While researching I bumped into this article:

Decision of Nigerian Court:

The question of dual citizenship and forfeiture of same has attracted judicial attention in Nigeria because of the Constitutional provisions. One of the most outstanding judicial authority on this matter is the Court of Appeal’s decision in the case of Dr. Willie Ogebide v. Mr. Arigbe Osula (2004) 12 NWLR Part 886 page 138 paras C-E where Onnoghen JCA (now JSC) in the same case opined in:

“… it is clear and I hereby hold that the acquisition of dual citizenship by a Nigerian per say is not a ground for disqualification for election to the National Assembly particularly where the Nigerian citizen is a citizen by birth. That is the clear meaning of the provisions in sections 66(1) and 28 of the 1999 constitution when taken together. The only Nigerian citizen disqualified by the said sections is one who is a citizen of Nigeria by either registration or naturalization who subsequently acquires the citizenship of another country in addition to his Nigerian citizenship…” (Bold for emphasis)

While leaders in Nigeria have constantly encouraged Nigerians in diaspora that they have a huge role as well as the huge potential in terms of national development. section 66 of the 1999 Constitution does not encourage people like me whole have lived abroad and have family abroad. How do I just drop everything I have worked for and move back to Nigeria just because I want to assist the nation politically?

I can understand that the writers based their thinking on National security and the possibility of espionage, where one can possibly be a work for another country he or she swore allegiance to.

The case of Ikengboju Gboluga is a case I will love to follow until the end.

Understand And Respect Nature

By Uba Acho.

Nature do not understand sin and forgiveness. Nature only understands balance & imbalance. Cut down the trees in your community and watch nature pay you visit with erosions, your air polluted and subsequent health issues that follow, and watch as some of your rare breed of animal 🦔 species go extinct.

Distort the balance in nature and it’s only natural that nature come hunting for you.

What Nollywood taught you to be Evil Forests, were actually hectares and acres of land designated by our ancestors to protect and preserve some natural habitats. Some special herbal and medicinal trees 🌳 and plants 🌱 were preserved and protected in such forest reserves. That’s why it’s mostly the native medical doctors #Dibia_Mgborogwu_Na_Mkpa_Akwukwo that Pay visits to such forests.

We cut down our trees for outdated form of electrification for electricity we don’t even have. We cut down our trees for so called community liberation that never came, we still wake up to face same hash realities of life everyday.

Maintain balance in nature, for we are part and parcel of nature.

Worlds Apart

By Uba Acho

While Ethiopia 🇪🇹 is planting 350million trees 🌳 in 12hours, some ignorant and religious extremists in Nigeria are cutting down trees, even iconic and landmark trees, tagged them evil trees, abode of witches 🧙‍♀️ and wizards and claimed they’re responsible for people’s poverty and misfortune.

To many of us, our knowledge of importance of trees is limited to the fruits 🍈 they bear for us to feed on. Take sometime out to study and understand how important trees are to your health, to the environment, to wildlife, to the economy, to community life, and to the future.

“Trees are vital. As the biggest plants on the planet, they give us oxygen, store carbon, stabilise the soil and give life to the world’s wildlife. They also provide us with the materials for tools and shelter.

Not only are trees essential for life, but as the longest living species on earth, they give us a link between the past, present and future.

It’s critical that woodlands, rainforests and trees in both rural and urban settings, such as parks, are preserved and sustainably managed across the world.


The canopies of trees act as a physical filter, trapping dust and absorbing pollutants from the air. Each individual tree removes up to 1.7 kilos every year. They also provide shade from solar radiation and reduce noise.

Research shows that within minutes of being surrounded by trees and green space, your blood pressure drops, your heart rate slows and your stress levels come down.


Trees absorb carbon dioxide as they grow and the carbon that they store in their wood helps slow the rate of global warming.

They reduce wind speeds and cool the air as they lose moisture and reflect heat upwards from their leaves. It’s estimated that trees can reduce the temperature in a city by up to 7°C.

Trees also help prevent flooding and soil erosion, absorbing thousands of litres of stormwater.


Trees host complex microhabitats. When young, they offer habitation and food to amazing communities of birds, insects, lichen and fungi. When ancient, their trunks also provide the hollow cover needed by species such as bats, woodboring beetles, tawny owls and woodpeckers. One mature oak or Iroko tree can be home to as many as 500 different species.


Trees strengthen the distinctive character of a place and encourage local pride. Urban woodland can be used as an educational resource and to bring groups together for activities like walking and bird-watching. Trees are also invaluable for children to play in and discover their sense of adventure.


Soon, for the first time in history, the number of people with homes in cities will outstrip those living in the countryside. Parks and trees will become an even more vital component of urban life. We must respect them and protect them for the future”


Trees are not evil, Trees give Life and improve quality of our health and environment. Don’t be deceived by any illiterate and ignorant man called pastor/Man of God who has only read the bible, and is out to feed on your gullibility.

Cutting down trees won’t elevate anyone or community from poverty, misfortune and illness.

Don’t be anti Nature.

Sacked for having dual citizenship.

Apparently You won’t be able to seek political office in Nigeria unless you renounce your dual citizenship.

The Ondo State Election Petitions Tribunal has nullified the election of a member of the House of Representatives, Ikengboju Gboluga.

Mr Gboluga represents Okitipupa/Irele federal constituency.

He was sacked by the tribunal for allegedly having dual citizenship.

Mr Gboluga was in April declared the winner of the election on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

But the APC candidate challenged the declaration on the grounds that Mr Gboluga holds United Kingdom citizenship in contradiction to the relevant laws of the country, particularly section 66(1) of the 1999 Constitution.

The section states that, “No person shall be qualified for election to the Senate or the House of Representatives if: (a) subject to the provisions of section 28 of this Constitution, he has voluntarily acquired the citizenship of a country other than Nigeria or, except in such cases as may be prescribed by the National Assembly, has made a declaration of allegiance to such a country.”


History Repeating Itself?


This is Mohammed Yusuf the founder of what is known today as Boko Haram. He established a religious complex and school that attracted poor Muslim families from across Nigeria and neighbouring countries. It was a non violence group or should I say a lesser evil, until the Nigeria 🇳🇬 government with their incompetent and inept security forces killed him.

Then they created a vacuum for the violent and bigger evil, Abubakar Shekau to occupy and unleash mayhem on the innocent Nigerian populace.

And the government is repeating same failed approach with the Shiite Muslims. Free Shiite leader #Ibraheem_Zakzaky as the court ordered. We are potentially creating another monster.

The black man stopped thinking.

By oluwaloninyo

The black man had his way of worshiping his God.

The white man came & told him it’s black and devilish; his is the way.

The black man stopped thinking.

The black man no longer needs chains!

He willingly gave his powers & freedom to the unknown God of the white man.

In his foolishness, a black man talks about advancements of the white man.

He doesn’t know of the technologies of the black ancestors before they stopped thinking; believing they were inferior.

Most of the advancements of the white man were built on the blood of slaves.


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