Imo, Lagos, Kano result sheets found in Gombe, Kwara, Oyo

Some result sheets for the presidential and National Assembly elections meant for Imo State had been found missing by the Independent National Electoral Commission. The result sheets were subsequently discovered to be in Gombe and Ondo states. Similarly, some results sheets meant for Gombe State had been found in Imo State. The missing results sheetsContinue reading “Imo, Lagos, Kano result sheets found in Gombe, Kwara, Oyo”

Shame on us Black people

By Uba Acho Imagine a video surfaced on this cyberspace, where a bunch of white men or Asian men beat up a black lady, stripe her completely naked, spread her legs and stuff hot chilli 🌶pepper inside her vagina, just because she was accused of allegedly stealing a phone. Just take all the time youContinue reading “Shame on us Black people”

Video: Buhari four years ago what has changed?

President Buhari condemned the postponement of elections in 2015, when INEC postponed the 2015 elections for security reasons. Today he is now in power, yet elections were postponed few hours to the poll.

In Nigeria everything goes

By Uba Acho In Nigeria everything and anything goes. The so called elites know this, they’re not afraid of any backlash for their decisions, because there won’t be any. Remove the CJN, we make noise on Twitter and Facebook for two days, and follow another trend. Cancel the presidential & parliamentary elections few hours toContinue reading “In Nigeria everything goes”