Addressing the The Igbo Crime Culture from Fredrick Nwabufo and the political correctness.

By Emeka Samuel Nwaiwu. Just as the News broke yesterday on the list of 77 cyber crime suspects wanted for arrest both in America and Nigeria. The Nigerian social media space was trending as usual with ethnic profiling, ethnic bashing, regional bashing, and religious bashing. A columnist on Sahara Reporters Fredrick Nwabufo wrote an articleContinue reading “Addressing the The Igbo Crime Culture from Fredrick Nwabufo and the political correctness.”

Akpu- Luxurious Local cuisine

Who would’ve thought that one day I will consider eating LoiLoi or Utara Akpu a luxury. I feel privileged to afford to have such life of opulence to be able to eat LoiLoi. But some where in ala Igbo someone thinks he’s poor for having Utara Akpu LoiLoi to eat. But he’s right when heContinue reading “Akpu- Luxurious Local cuisine”

Ipob leader asks Igbos to go out and vote

Nnamdi Kanu leader of the Independent people of Biafra movement has called off their boycott of the 2019 elections in the south eastern states. Kanu took to his tweeter handle to announce that an agreement has been reached and therefore the boycott has been called off. He asks all members to go and vote onContinue reading “Ipob leader asks Igbos to go out and vote”

Nigeria the beautiful nonsense – Ugo udogu

Africans are mentally caged and her leaders are arrogant, they lack leadership qualities and don’t understand how it works. Ojukwu said I quote “Biafra is a child of circumstance…His existence and survival are always a marvel, sometimes bordering on a miracle. His life is a tribute to man, his courage is his endurance, his ingenuityContinue reading “Nigeria the beautiful nonsense – Ugo udogu”