Breaking News – Naughty boy running on a corn field after casting his vote

Celebrating my vote by doing one of the naughtiest things I've ever done. #ElectionDay2017 #Vote2017 #voted — Curtis (@Curtford88) June 8, 2017

Labour on 35%, with the Conservatives nine points ahead on 44%.

Labour have continued to cut the Tories’ lead in the polls after the publication of the party manifestos, as party leader Jeremy Corbyn claimed his message was “getting through” to voters. Four polls new published in the Sunday papers put Labour between 35 per cent and 33 per cent, up from 26 points the partyContinue reading “Labour on 35%, with the Conservatives nine points ahead on 44%.”

Liberal Democrats will support abortion Law.

The Liberal Democrat Party supports abortion and would not seek to change the current law, its election spokesman has said. In Great Britain, abortions generally can take place up to 24 weeks but disabled children can be aborted up to birth. Previously the Party has allowed its elected representatives a free vote on abortion.  

Jeremy Corbyn launches Labour’s general election manifesto

Labour Party has launched its official general election manifesto. Speaking this morning, labour leader Jeremy Corbyn set out a number of policies, including the abolition of tuition fees, nationalising of the railways, and plan to raise the national living wage to £10 an hour by 2020. A Labour government would build over a million newContinue reading “Jeremy Corbyn launches Labour’s general election manifesto”