Shame on us Black people

By Uba Acho Imagine a video surfaced on this cyberspace, where a bunch of white men or Asian men beat up a black lady, stripe her completely naked, spread her legs and stuff hot chilli 🌶pepper inside her vagina, just because she was accused of allegedly stealing a phone. Just take all the time youContinue reading “Shame on us Black people”

Breaking: IGP Deploys Four Commissioners Of Police To Ogun For Elections

The (IGP) Inspector general of police has deployed four Police Commissioners to supervise elections in Ogun State. This move may be connected to the recent incident in Ogun state where the APC campaign was marred with protests against the party’s executives who preferred a different candidate from the one anointed by the current governor ofContinue reading “Breaking: IGP Deploys Four Commissioners Of Police To Ogun For Elections”